About the Millennium

The Millennium is utopia, paradise on Earth long lost. The next great age is written on the hearts of men, dreamed of and hoped for. Foretold in all the world’s sacred scriptures, foretold and rapidly approaching. Millennium is coming.

It will be a time of prosperity, peace and harmony, a return to Eden, except this time without the tempter. The farmer will not battle weather, weed, or pestilence. The nations will not wage war, their citizens are never subjugated in bondage and oppression. The accused do not suffer injustice, nor do government officials operate in secret corruption. No mother frets over her sick child and no family grieves the bitter tears of a life cut short. For one thousand years, there is heaven on Earth.

It begins after the great destruction and judgment of the Tribulation. The devastated earth is reborn from the ashes. The governments of the world are split into ten kingdoms, a ruling Prince is put over each and the Iron King rules in with perfect justice from the world’s capitol, the Golden City. Men return to the land, to live in small communities, to horses and plows. They prosper in health and security, living long lives in peace and harmony.

As the generations pass, the wonders of technology and innovation from the Last Age are forgotten, lost to history — forbidden. The final Millennial generation awakens and rises up to demand freedom, to demand their own way, to demand technology. They long to leave the farm, to return to the cities, and reclaim a world where men ruled. They begin to revile the Iron King, no longer the beloved and righteous ruler, they shake their fist and name him oppressor, dictator, slave master.

A man emerges, a Prince, a rebel, whose soaring rhetoric and charm beguiles a once great people. He tells them what their rebellious hearts ache to hear and paints a picture of an idealized world where men control their own destiny and reclaim what was lost. They do not see the evil lurking behind the power of his throne, they do not know he is leading them down a path to destruction, they do not care.

The original rebel, the old serpent from Eden, emerges from his prison to find Earth ready for him and the final rebellion. That is when our story takes place.

“Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven with the key to the bottomless pit and a heavy chain in his hand. He seized the dragon—that old serpent, who is the devil, Satan—and bound him in chains for a thousand years. The angel threw him into the bottomless pit, which he then shut and locked so Satan could not deceive the nations anymore until the thousand years were finished. Afterward, he must be released for a little while.” Revelation 20:1-6