M1 – The Black Key 

                Prince Josiah ben Eamonn

The exiled, rightful ruler of Alanthia, at fifteen, Prince Josiah flees the murderous wrath of his Uncle, Korah and disappears into anonymity.

He treks halfway across the globe, to seek the help of the Iron King, but is captured along the way. Held prisoner for three years, by the time Josiah escapes, his kingdom is firmly in his Uncle Korah’s control. Young Josiah perceives his charismatic Uncle will eventually falter and Josiah embarks on a plan to be ready when he does.

Under an assumed identity, he joins the Iron King’s army and distinguishes himself as a lethal warrior. In the aftermath of battle, an unexpected talent emerges, a physician’s gift of healing and he becomes an army surgeon. At the end of his residency, Josiah receives a visitation from a mysterious woman bearing a message, “It is time.”

Resurrected from the dead, the enigmatic prince arrives in the Golden City. In exchange for the Iron King’s support, Josiah is given a task. Find Davianna ben David and bring her and the Black Key to safety.

The quest and the brown eyed girl are more than Prince Josiah ben Eamonn bargained for.

                Prince Peter ben Korah

To the world, he is Prince d’Or, the golden boy of Alanthia, a shallow playboy, the darling of the kingdom. He pretends to be harmless; he is not. Behind emerald eyes and a legendary smile lurks a dangerous man.

The presumed heir to the throne, lives a fairytale life on the world’s stage. In the marble halls of the palace, real life is a horror story.

To survive his ruthless maniacal father, King Korah, Peter plays a role, adopting the character Prince d’Or. Feckless and charming, he presents no overt threat to the throne, but it is a farce. In the shadows, Prince Peter leads a covert group of revolutionaries, intent on restoring Prince Josiah to power.

After a lifetime of planning, an unexpected complication arises that threatens to derail everything. Peter realizes the Black Key has been found and knows if it falls into his father’s hands it will unleash hell on Earth.

Captured on a grainy video, one of the girls hiding the Black Key, looks out from the tape with face of an angel, a long dead beloved ghost. Haunted by the sure knowledge that unless he finds her first, she too will fall by the murderous hand of his father. Peter is faced with a choice, disappear and leave the kingdom to its fate, or intervene risking everything.

                Davianna ben David

Abandoned by her mother in a desolate camp, young Davianna ben David finds herself in dire circumstances. Alone, with no money or protection, she fends off unwanted attention and has no idea how she is going to survive. When Davianna meets Astrid ben Agnor everything changes.

They cling together, like two drowning girls caught in a hurricane. Instead of brooding, they shelter one another from the tempest and refuse to dwell on the raging storm. They create a bubble of laughter, friendship, and fun. Let the world be damned, there is a friend.

Davianna encounters a mysterious man who gives her a gift, an artifact, to protect and keep safe. She shows the ancient device to Astrid, but they must guard the secret with their lives. Possession of technology is against the law, Davianna knows if she is discovered she will be banished into the desert facing certain death.

When they inadvertently activate the Black Key, hordes of men descend on the camp and the girls flee for their lives. Ill equipped, afraid, and desperate to survive Davianna must find within herself the bravery to face the task she had been given.

Pursued, she becomes a consummate mimic, a talented navigator, who directs their mad dash across the globe. Doning clever disguises, plotting circuitous routes, she and Astrid escape all who seek her and the Black Key.

However, there is one hunter she does not fear, whose dark visage intrigues her, the mysterious dark prince, but is he her destiny or her doom? Davianna ben David must find the courage to discover which.

Above all, she must protect the Black Key. The future of Millennial Earth rests in the left pocket of a lone frightened girl.

                Astrid ben Agnor

Spitfire, Astrid ben Agnor is nobody’s fool. Feisty, outspoken, and stubborn she never backs down from a fight. Streetwise and smart, she trusts no one, and sees in Davianna a friend in desperate need of her protection.

Stranded in a desolate camp, on a pilgrimage she never wanted to undertake, she brims with anger toward the man responsible for it all, her stepfather Frank. His courtship of her mother caused her parent’s divorce, driving her beloved father away. Astrid and Frank’s volatile relationship erupts into volcanic screaming matches, destroying any peace the young girl might find in her family tent.

She dreams of reuniting with her father, a return to a life when it was fun. When she meets Davianna, her new friend fills a space empty since her daddy disappeared. Astrid vows that nothing or no one will separate her from Davianna.

On the run, her vow is put to the ultimate test. Did the Black Key bring the hordes of murderous men who slaughtered their camp? Does she risk her life and her future to stays by her friend’s side or escape to safety, find her father, and leave Davianna to face a worldwide pursuit on her own?

More than evil men chase them, which begs the question, has Astrid ben Agnor finally picked a fight she cannot win?