M1 – The Black Key

Set in a Utopian future, paradise is shattered by a brutal betrayal, one brother sacrifices the other. Before the funeral, two young princes discover the truth, Prince Eamonn’s death was no accident and his brother, Prince Korah has cast his murderous eyes toward the rightful heir to the throne, Josiah. Fleeing his uncle’s wrath, teenage Josiah escapes with the help of his cousin Peter. Handsome charismatic, Korah seizes power but he is not alone. His brother’s sacrifice released an ancient god, an elohim, held in bondage for a millennia, Marduk. The true force behind the throne plunges the kingdom of Alanthia into chaos, war, and global rebellion. Marduk stalks the halls of the Palace driving Korah insane and terrorizing the young prince who stayed behind, Peter.

Years later, Josiah remains in exile, Peter has survived a life of horror and both plot to overthrow Korah, restoring Josiah to the throne. Half a world away, Davianna and Astrid, innocent girls stranded amid global chaos receive a dangerous artifact with the power to free a horde of evil beings imprisoned for a thousand years. Unaware of the consequences, the curious girls activate the Black Key releasing two elohim who, like Marduk, align with human rulers and begin reigns of terror. Rediscovery of the legendary artifact launches a global hunt, for the girls and what they carry.

The four main characters lives and hearts collide as they flee deadly pursuit, protect the Black Key, and enact a daring plan to overthrow the most powerful government on Millennial earth. Their quest is the Kingdom of Alanthia’s last hope.