, M1–The Black Key
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Millennial paradise is shattered by brutal betrayal and murder, but more than blood stains the marble halls of the Alanthian Palace. A fallen angel, bound for a thousand years, breaks free with plans of his own. He aligns with Korah, the most dangerous rebel on Earth. When royal cousins Josiah and Peter discover the truth, Josiah, the heir, must flee, while Peter is left behind with his homicidal father and the evil entity lurking in the shadows.

Caught in a web of supernatural danger and intrigue, the two Princes plot revolution as their kingdom plunges into rebellion and war.

Far from home, young refugees, Davianna and Astrid, receive an artifact, lost for a millennium. Curious about their treasure, they do not comprehend their peril. When wicked forces attack their camp, searching for the artifact, the girls run for their lives, becoming fugitives in a worldwide manhunt.

Prince Josiah travels to the Golden Kingdom, seeking the assistance of the supreme ruler of Millennial Earth, the Iron King. He secures a promise of support with one caveat, “Find Davianna ben David and bring her to safety.” Back in Alanthia, Prince Peter is playing a dangerous game, plotting the overthrow of his father. But the discovery of the mysterious artifact puts everything in jeopardy, and Peter knows he must find it.

The fate of Millennial Earth lies in the left pocket of a frightened girl.

Lives and hearts collide in epic adventure, as the royals and the refugees battle evil and evade all who covet—The Black Key.

Published: May 1, 2021

, M1–The Black Key
M1 The Black Key Audible Cover
, M1–The Black Key

M1-The Black Key: Millennium Series Book 1

By Staci Morrison | Alanthia Publishing

Paperback ISBN 978-1-7365520-0-1 428 Pages | 6 x 9 | $19.99

eBook ISBN 978-1-7365520-1-8 | 396 Pages | eBook | $9.99

Hardback ISBN 978-1-7365520-3-2 | 428 Pages | 6 x 9 | $29.99

Audiobook ISBN 978-1-7365520-2-5 | 18 hrs 28 mins| $24.99