, M2 – Rise of the Giants

Scary, heart wrenching, uplifting, funny, and sexy, the genre bending Millennium Series continues with M2-Rise of the Giants.

As Alanthians gather to celebrate Prince Korah ben Adam’s ascension to the throne, the unsuspecting guests do not realize there is one among them who looks like a man, but is not. Marduk, the fallen angel, moves among them, and he is hunting. It has been three thousand years since a Nephilim walked the Earth, but on the evening of the Coronation Ball, Marduk plots to change that.

Childhood sweethearts, James ben Kole and Persa ben Yereq, have a bright future ahead of them. The equestrian champions plan to parlay their fame and start their own thoroughbred horse ranch, but Marduk jeopardizes everything when he sets his wicked sights on Persa.

Running from a life where she never fit in, Alaina ben Thomas finds herself in a bind, driving a stolen car, out of gas, with no money. Deep in the Louisiana swamp, blue-eyed, black haired, Cajun hottie Beau Landry may be her salvation, but the evil lurking in the bayou has other plans.

Lady Joanna ben Luke picks the wrong side in the Alanthian Civil War. Stripped of her fortune and her family, she must learn to survive and help the startling number of orphans cast adrift in the aftermath of war. When Ian ben Kole walks through her door, she does not want or need his help, but the force living inside the mysterious white-haired stranger might be her only defense against the malevolent entity preying on the kids she vowed to protect.

 Spanning fifteen years, M2-Rise of the Giants is both prequel and companion novel to the epic adventure begun in M1-The Black Key. Take my hand; I am going to tell you the next amazing tale.

, M2 – Rise of the Giants

Coming Late Summer 2021