M2 – Rise of the Giants

This dark adventure opens at the Coronation Ball, the moment King Korah seizes power with the help of his unseen and wicked ally, Marduk who has set his eyes on his own conquests, the fair maidens in the land. The Rise of the Giants delves deep into the lives shattered by the evil machinations of Korah’s secret weapon and the devastating consequences of his reign of terror.

Through fortitude and heart, two childhood sweethearts, Persa and James, fight to keep their hope and love alive when Marduk captures Persa. Joanna and Ian, deny their growing passion for one another and try to protect the alarming number of children who are disappearing off the streets of the New City.  Deep in the Bayou, young lovers Beau and Alaina face something that tears them apart. Are they strong enough to fight an evil beyond this realm and emerge victorious despite overwhelming odds?