Go Big or Go Home

The Millennium Series is not typical in subject matter, style or structure. Ambitious and innovative, the story unfolds in short scenes and vignettes, revealing the world in vivid clarity. Written from multiple character points of view, the reader is drawn into the action. This unique structure allows the reader to become part of the scene, to see the action from all the character’s perspectives, not just one or two. It opens the world in a masterful way, and in the process, breaks a lot of rules. Good.

About the Author

I spent the first 30 years of my career in international business, before turning my hand to writing. Like any author, I made several attempts over the years but it took time and a life of experience and study to get me where I needed to be to actually put something down that was worth reading.

In October of 2017, I started. Three and a half later, there are nine complete novels and more ideas flowing than I can possibly contain.

My husband and I have been married for 25 years and we have an adult son.  I am an avid reader, gardener, and a great cook.  I tell a great story and I laugh loudly and often.  I swear too much and I drive too fast, I hate mornings and I love coffee.


It takes courage to break the rules, in the end inspiration came from several of my favorite authors who all broke boundaries:

Frank Peretti, “This Present Darkness” changed everything in Christian Fiction, it also changed my life.

Diana Gabaldon, wrote “Outlander” with no rules and no genre.  She inspired me to tell the story as it happened, not as I wanted it to be.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips, gave me the courage to have fun, to be light and sexy and enjoy the story.

Dr. Michael Heiser, “The Unseen Realm”, is ground breaking.  The elohim have quite a future ahead of them.

John and Stasi Eldredge, my “Captive Heart” was truly inspired to tackle this “Epic”.

For the late Jack Kelley, my debt to you is limitless.  Your work inspired, taught, and sent me down a rabbit hole of research and revelation where Millennium was conceived.

For Laura Kinsale, the final inspiration, your work is the most fearless of all; mixing romance with the struggles of faith, this book would not exist without “Flowers from the Storm” and “Shadowheart”.