M2-Rise of the Giants

M2 Rise of the Giants Cover

Scary, heart wrenching, uplifting, funny, and sexy, the genre bending Millennium Series continues with M2-Rise of the Giants.

As Alanthians gather to celebrate Prince Korah ben Adam’s ascension to the throne, Marduk, the fallen angel, lurks among them. It’s been three thousand years since a Nephilim walked the Earth, but on the evening of the Coronation Ball, evil’s respite comes to an end.

Encounters with the unexpected darkness of Marduk, changing lives and the story of Alanthia itself, are woven throughout this prequel and companion novel to the epic adventure that began with M1-The Black Key. Spanning fifteen years and reaching across the corners of the kingdom, the gripping world of the Millennium series continues with M2-Rise of Giants.

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