M3-The Outsiders

Book Cover artificial intelligence

Why is technology truly banned in the millennium? Was there another reason behind its utter destruction in the Last Age?

When five geniuses uncover a top secret computer lab buried for one thousand years, they discover more than music lies dormant in those servers, and there is a cost for playing with forbidden technology.

Meet the Alcatraz 5, Kayah, Himari, Lavinia, Gus, and Stephen and enter into the world on the cusp of rediscovering.

This heart pounding adventure takes the reader deep into The Resistance, where a group of ragtag revolutionaries plot to take King Korah and his wicked kingdom down, but what sleeps in the underground bunker threatens everything and everyone.

Handsome Bodyguard in fiction
Italian Beauty, Female Math Genius
Mossad Agent Fiction
Blonde Badass fiction
Beautiful Italian Man
Japanese American Woman in fiction
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