M4-Sword of the Spirit

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Esmeralda ben Claude sees the world a bit differently. When she spots a man passed out in the Thyatira Woods, she knows he is going to be her husband.

But Thaddeus ben Todd has lost everything and crawled into a bottle to escape the pain. He has no time or patience for a curly-haired little girl with fanciful ideas. In exchange for a decent meal, he follows Esmeralda into a forgotten village deep in the Pennsylvania woods, a haven, untouched by rebellion. Rephidim is home to the most extraordinary factory ever imagined. The place, the mill, and the slate-eyed girl will change Thaddeus ben Todd’s life forever.

But outside the sanctuary, pushing at the boundaries, unspeakable evil stalks Esmeralda. No one other than she recognizes the truth, and even she does not recognize the peril she is in. When the unlikely pair’s friendship blossoms into something deeper, Thaddeus realizes he must leave, not realizing his enemies have turned their wicked eyes on Esmeralda.

Across time and space, Thaddeus and Esmeralda confront their pasts, face supernatural forces, and battle evil, learning to wield the most powerful weapon given unto man—The Sword of the Spirit.

Handsome Basketball Player, Basketball Fiction
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