M8-Wild Seeds

New Orleans French Quarter Book Cover

Coming 2024

Prodigal Ellen ben Quincy returns to New Orleans with something to prove and a dream.

She gambles everything, hoping to become a celebrated chef, and in the process, shed her reputation and troubled history. But the Big Easy possessed a long memory, and the monsters who caused her downfall have not forgotten her.

Disgraced FBI Agent Paul ben Casper is sent to New Orleans, where an elusive killer is preying on street kids. Ostracized and alone, he wanders into a small bistro and enjoys the best meal of his life. When he discovers the reclusive chef is a former child star, he thinks the trouble she is in just might be related to the case that ruined his career.

Thrown together in a city swirling with corruption, Paul and Ellen must defeat more than the Nephilim stalking the dark streets of the French Quarter, they must confront their pasts as—Wild Seeds.

Hot FBI Agents Fiction
Long Cool Woman, model black hair blue eyes