Silhouette book Cover

The epic adventure begins with M1–The Black Key.

Caught in a web of supernatural danger and intrigue, Princes Josiah and Peter plot revolution as their kingdom plunges into rebellion and war. When a dangerous artifact from the Last Age is discovered, it threatens everything.

This dark adventure opens at the Coronation Ball, the moment King Korah seizes power with the help of his unseen and wicked ally, Marduk who has set his eyes on his own conquests, the fair maidens in the land.

Rise of the Giants delves deep into the lives shattered by the evil machinations of Korah’s secret weapon and the devastating consequences of his reign of terror.

Blue and Black book cover with white writing

Five teenage geniuses discover an underground bunker buried in the Last Age. But more than music lies on those ancient servers and the discovery threatens everything.

This heart pounding adventure takes the reader deep into The Resistance, where a group of ragtag revolutionaries plot to take King Korah and his wicked kingdom down.

Book Cover water drops on spider web

Esmeralda ben Claude sees the world a bit differently, and when she spots a man passed out in the Thyatira Woods, she knows he will one day be her husband…

But grieving widower Thaddeus ben Todd has just crawled out of a bottle and has no time for a curly-haired little girl with fanciful ideas. 

Book Cover with silhouettes and harvest moon

As Korah’s government cracks down on dissidents, The Resistance recognizes they are putting their lives on the line for a Prince they do not yet know. 

Posed to retake Alanthia, Prince Josiah must rely on the strangers in Prince Peter’s trusted team. And they wonder, who will be accepted into the Circle of Trust.

Book Cover castle in the rain with lightning

A powerful journey into the black heart of King Korah, what made him the villain that he became? What dark secrets does that past hold, and will they undermine everything that The Resistance is trying to do?

green and black book Cover in woods with silhouettes

As Prince Josiah prepares to ascend the throne, the young Prince faces obstacles from all sides, and his actions will set the course of his rule and the future of Alanthia. 

But those who have held power in Alanthia for the last decade and a half are not ready to relinquish their hold on the kingdom.

New Orleans French Quarter Book Cover

Prodigal Ellen ben Quincy returns to New Orleans with something to prove and a dream. She gambles everything, hoping to become a celebrated chef, and in the process, shed her reputation and troubled history.

But the Big Easy possessed a long memory, and the monsters who caused her downfall have not forgotten her.

Book Cover with Castle in background

Responsible for the safety of the most important person in Alanthia, Royal Guard, Nathan ben Henry has no time to play games.

When Veronica ben Aubrey walks into her new job and finds her high school nemesis, Nathan ben Henry, she realizes being a Royal Guard is going to be more complicated than she ever imagined.