So, What is this Series About?

, Fictional Millennium

Millennium is an epic tale in the truest sense of the word. A hero’s journey, full of action, adventure, and romance. This sweeping series takes you into paradise on the verge of collapse, a rich world full of compelling characters and supernatural drama. 

Realistically, life doesn’t fit into a neat category. It is messy, people are fallible, there is joy and pain, seasons of great laughter and tears. There are also elements around us we do not see and cannot understand, so the unseen is part of the adventure.

The goal of the series was to write stories that are authentic and true, fun, and infinitely readable and enjoyable for people of all backgrounds. The market is full of books with supernatural beings, Millennium seeks to balance the scales and bring another side to the story, with the courage to call good and evil by their true names.

At their core, the books are character novels where the protagonists find themselves in challenging circumstances. There is a smattering of hard language, and the characters love passionately; body, soul, and spirit. They have tempers, make mistakes, and if they are lucky they find laughter through it all. And they are all infinitely loved and cared for by the Creator.

Buckle up! We are going on an adventure. I hope you meet a few true friends along the way. I hope your heart races. I hope you laugh, and I hope you fall in love. Take my hand; I am going to tell you an amazing tale.

Series book covers white borders
Millennium Series Covers