Trailers I Spend Way Too Much Time On

The thing about art (and writing) is that you get better as you go. When I first conceived the notion to illustrate sections of M1-The Black Key, I did not know how to draw a circle in a graphic arts program. Less than a year later, I was designing book covers and tackling the immense project that is Passages, heretofore known as the video that tried to kill me.

Alas, I look back now on my earlier videos and want to update the images, especially where I have updated the characters. They aren’t horrible, but Born Bad, Passages, Smoking on the Deck, and Lessons are better. Perhaps one day I will tackle that project, but for now, there are books to publish and several more to write, priorities and all that jazz. And really, when you think about it, there was an iPhone 1. Besides, Nicholas Boulton is so fantastic, it does not matter what the images look like.

Thanks for watching.

Written and Illustrated by Staci Morrison

Directed by Garrick Hagon

Narrated by Nicholas Boulton

Audiobook Produced by The Story Circle of London

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